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The Lone Poppy

This year we planted British wildflowers in window boxes on our balcony. They bloomed beautifully. The blue cornflowers were gorgeous, and brought an abundance of bees. You really have to wonder where these bees come from, especially the big bumble bees, living in central Manchester just two minutes from Piccadilly station. But here they came day after day to rub their big fluffy noses in these striking electric blue flowers. Many weeks after this, the poppies began arriving. Paper thin crimson flowers that seemed to explode from a tiny hairy green balls and then disintegrate in the wind. The vivid blues and reds danced happily together for many weeks putting their football rivalries aside for the off season. As October closed and Autumn took the flowers one by one, a single lone poppy held on. This was a strong poppy, that saw many good poppy friends pass by his side. This last week saw some awful Autumn winds and rain batter the balcony, yet our poppy survived. Remembrance Day. 11th November. And our little poppy lives on, as do our thoughts for those that lost their lives in war.

Lest we Forget.

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2 thoughts on “The Lone Poppy

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  2. ah such a lovely thought and pickie! I love cornflowers and poppies! both together must have been wonderful. love form sunny summery Oz – 27c beach weather here!

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