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Frank’s first day at school

Last week we had a very interesting chat with our local brewery, slash, bar, slash, restaurant. Le Bec Jaune (the yellow bird) . They have a very cool setup where they have 4 large beer vats in the bar making lovely IPA, pale ale, stout, porter etc and lots of organic tables, chairs and fantastic homemade light fittings. 20 euros gets you a jug of beer and a plate of nachos. In the mountains after a day of snowboarding, that makes perfect financial sense. And both taste amazing.

Anyway, back to the chat. Jules was sniffing hops on the bar (as you do, they had little glasses of hops, malts etc by the handles) and the head brewer says that they are hops. Yes they are, says Jules, I know. And Chrigl says that you can use natural yeasts but they use brewers yeast. Jules says that we know all about natural yeasts as we have our homegrown Frank sourdough starter. Crigle says that he can’t get decent sourdough in France and that he might be interested in creating a partnership, not that we were asking. Jules says well funny that you aren’t asking, but maybe we might be asking…

So we planned to rendezvous (great French word) on Tuesday afternoon when the bar opened with samples of our sourdough that we could taste and chat about. Perfect. Well almost. Except that a boozy lunch on Monday got in the way. We had two bowls of sponge on the go, and went snowboarding, had an awesome morning with 25cm fresh snow, off piste, dropping wind lips into deep tree runs and then final couple of amazing tree runs into the restaurant Chez Nannon (for the 2nd time in 2 weeks). Addy B, AK, Jules and Rob arrive after making reservation (all in French by the way, oh yes). Cote de Boeuf for 2, pork knuckle, and Le Berthoud (Abondance cheese with Madeira with potatoes, sliced meats etc…)



Save the Planet

Save the Planet

Cote de Bouef - for 2 (actuality it could probably feed family of 5)

Cote de Bouef – for 2 (actuality it could probably feed family of 5)

Well, the food was really, really good, and needed accompaniment from a few beers, a couple of bottles of Mondeuse wine (local drop), a couple of free poire williams (from the table next to ours – a very ritzy work group that were at the Geneva Motor Show for the rest of the week) then a couple of free genepi (from the house because they liked us). Ok, so we had some difficulty getting back down the hill. Rob attempted the fastest motorbike (snowboard laugh where you boardslide straight down the hill, chest front, hands out like riding a motorbike). Rumours are that it was very fast, but it spun out of control, flew 180 degrees into the air and resulted in a beard brake being applied to the snow to slow down. And it also resulted in a sprained ankle due to Rob not doing his boots up properly before attempting the stunt. Luckily a sprained ankle, as we had thought that it might have been a repeat of that very famous snowboard broken ankle 15 years ago in Canada, but that is another story…

So the team went back to the house, Rob went straight to bed declaring that the rest of the house had to make the dough up for the bread. “Use the blog photos” he declared as Jules tried to strap the ankle. Well, let’s just say that it wasn’t the most successful bread making episode we have had. In the morning it was unsure if salt was added, or whether hands were washed after using the Voltaren gel. For the record, the white did have salt, the rye didn’t, and we couldn’t taste any evidence of Voltaren. Then Rob turned them out into the bowls and undercooked them… Great. We haven’t made a bad loaf of bread since arriving in France, and when on call to finally make some bread that could take us somewhere and lift us into the foodie world, we self-destruct. BOOM! (boom has become a house word, so is kind of an in-joke, since we watched Blades of Glory prior to the Winter Olympics “Chazz Michael Micheals is figure skating, BOOM! – however, this is usually used in a positive way, unlike here).

It took us 2 hours to finally decide we should take something down to the bar to show them. Half the white was split and folded in a tea towel. We barely spoke as we walked down. Disappointment is a heavy stink. Very stinky. When we arrived to Le Bec Jaune it was rammed. Hmmm, this could be a good thing. Rob spoke to the head chef and he was far too busy to taste sourdough, and he forgot to make the dip as well. Why don’t we rearrange for early on Thursday afternoon. Oh yes, why not. Boom! (correct usage of the term “Boom!”)

So today, we had two amazing loaves freshly pulled from the oven, and walked them down to the brewery (One of them was so warm that Jules walked it down in the hand to cool – see main photo with the SuperMorzine bubble). We arrived, presented the bread and had a long discussion with the owner/head chef. He liked it. He gave us 5kg of organic french flour, 2kg of buckwheat flour, 1kg of Sicilian salt and a mission to bring him 3 loaves for the restaurant for next Tuesday. Game on…

Rye bread, white bread, 5kg white flour, 2kg of buckwheat, Sicilian salt, baneton. oh yes. Bread baby, Bread.

Rye bread, white bread, 5kg white flour, 2kg of buckwheat, Sicilian salt, oh yes. Bread baby, Bread.

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4 thoughts on “Frank’s first day at school

  1. Boozy lunch, it kinda helped you because you would have been even more disappointed had you taken your best down only for everyone to be too busy to try it. Nice one! Has Addy B actually left yet or is he still there hanging around somewhere πŸ™‚ ha ha!

    • Hiya. Possibly true πŸ™‚ Addy B has now returned to the UK and taken his bad/good influences with him (mainly good to be fair) and he has also taken the snow with him. 8 days since it has snowed, and he left…

  2. ah Frank still rules well done… and recognise those teatowels too πŸ˜€
    love the beouf de cinque.. not deux.. huge!
    take care of that ankle now.

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