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And just when we thought winter was done (part two feat. Captain Snowbeard)

Jules didn’t give up faith. Day after warm sunny day it looked ever-more unlikely that we would receive any snow. Captain Snowbeard had resigned himself to those last powder days with Addy B and AK on the Nyon face as the last sign of fresh snow this season. The snow was quickly melting from his beard and the village. Most people were giving up on any more fresh snow as the spring flowers showed their heads in Morzine, but not Jules. Everyday she would be heard muttering about the new snow that would come and replenish the slopes one more time. Captain Snowbeard even went so far as to patronisingly pat Jules on the shoulder and say “I really like your optimism…” Eventually Snow-forecast suggested that it might happen in the next 5 days (and we all know we can’t trust snow-forecast…). But 5 days, became 4, which became 3 and the forecast of new snow persisted. Until finally after 3 days of glorious sunshine, the temperature dropped and it started raining, then at night time the snow level dropped to below Morzine and the snow started. And didn’t stop for 3 days…

Well, Captain Snowbeard can eat his own words, and a whole face full of snow. Ridge line powder run, Les Grand Combes.

(to make the photos bigger, click on the first one and scroll through the gallery)

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2 thoughts on “And just when we thought winter was done (part two feat. Captain Snowbeard)

  1. So glad you had faith and that snow Jules, did come in time… so good to see and reckon it will be enjoyed again today.. be safe.x

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