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The King Of Lunches

This is the lunch we eat just about everyday on the mountain. Even on the odd day off, we are still likely to build this delicious treat, with the added extra twist of a fresh baguette (quite often still warm – as Jules will often show by slapping it in Rob’s face). The recipe was possibly born in Les Arcs many years ago when 3 young men lived in a little shoebox and spent a season snowboarding, telemarking and chasing women (and in one case actually catching one). Respect to the boys for the two weeks that they let me stay with them to snowboard, telemark (spectacularly unsuccessfully) and to watch them chase women (mostly).

Lunch Baguette


Fresh Baguette*
Dijon Mustard
Soft Cheese
Hard Cheese
Lettuce (optional if it is in the fridge)

*We have a fantastic boulangerie in Morzine that makes baguettes that last for more than one day, so you can pick them up the evening before and they are still fresh the next day. If you have experienced some French baguettes, one day they are nice and fresh, the next, they can be used as a light sabre, complete with sound affects and body wounds.

Recipe (as if you don’t know how to make a sandwich)

Cut baguette in half. Spread one side with butter, the other side with Dijon. Cut cornichon into slivers and layer over one half. Cut slices of cheese and alternate over cornichon with the hard and soft cheeses. Slice saucisson and layer over cheeses, then layer a slice of mortadella. Top with lettuce, and press down firmly. Package into reusable sandwich bag next to avalanche probe and shovel (if these are not returned for the following morning, the sandwich maker has the right to refuse sandwich for that person).

Lunch is served.

Lunch is served.

Queue for Baguette on New Years Eve

Queue for Baguette on New Years Eve

Is that a baguette in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Is that a baguette in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

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One thought on “The King Of Lunches

  1. Spectacularly jealous of you guys… lunch, travel, blog… I could go on! Much love Kath xx

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