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The Generosity of the Turkish People

When we crossed the border into Turkey (after some interesting back and forth with the border guards trying to get visas sorted out) Julie turned to Rob and said that the Turkish were a very friendly and generous people… Rob wasn’t sure if this was just a reassuring “it will be ok” or whether it was actually based on something. We had met a few Turkish people in our time and yes all of them were very nice, but what we found in Turkey was that they all seem to be very nice. I am sure that there exceptions as there always is in the world, but from a young lady helping us to find the large markets in Kadikoy to the multitude of market people wanting to share with us from fruit and veggies to meat and fish, we couldn’t go anywhere without someone throwing in a few extra bits for free.

This became slightly ridiculous in Goceada when we stopped for meat and the butcher through in half a large Turkish sausage for free and then the following day we stopped back in at our favourite fish man to get some more tasty little fish that we had fried up the previous evening we ended up walking out of the fish shop with more of the same fish, plus to butterflied mackerel all completely free. He flat out refused to take our money and in broken Turkish/English indicated it was his gift to us.

Unfortunately we didn’t have anything that we could really give them as thanks in return, so the only bit we can hope for is to give them a little publicity on the blog…

So for the record, if you are ever in Goceada, please stop by at our friends for meat and fish as below:

Butcher: Zazoglu, Cinarli Mh. Salauglu Is Merkezi No.2 Gokceada

Fish Monger: Gungoren Balikcilik, Balik Hali (Fish Alley – where all the fresh fish shops are) Gokceada

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3 thoughts on “The Generosity of the Turkish People

  1. wonderful work there … love to join the barbie!! but what happened to” Around the peninsula” the post came into my inbox as an email ok but it is not found when click on link… and not on your blog quite weird .. but glad to read it in my emails anyway!

  2. nigel yeates on said:

    jumpy looks nicely decked out although I’d like to see more photos of how the inside looks like im sure u already have photos somewhere that I have not seen yet or something but I may have missed.

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