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A walk in the Goceadean hills

We wanted to give Rob’s new walking boots a run in before the Balkan peaks hike so were looking for walks on the Goceada island. We were recommended a walk up behind the little village of Tepekoy from our little fish man that would take us up to a great big rocky outcrop. As we set off from the village we asked the locals which was the route up and they vaguely pointed in a left(ish) direction. We followed a small track out which turned out to be a little goat track, which led to another one, and suddenly we realised that it was going to be a difficult walk if we couldn’t find the proper track. The nice green shrubs we had seen from far turned out to be goat resistant… We walked for 20 mins and turned around as we couldn’t find a suitable path. Highlights included seeing some kind of wild cat (definitely not a normal cat) and seeing a goat on a tree (trying to get away from the thorns. Oh, and the taverna in town had amazing fava bean dip…

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One thought on “A walk in the Goceadean hills

  1. nigel yeates on said:

    lol u got a goat in tree I had a goat stuck up a really really steep embankment in Scotland which was stuck there the entire walk up the mountain and the whole time we walked back down again so I hope for the goats sake he/she was alright other wise it would become petrified lol

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