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Flowers of the Balkans

We wouldn’t really call ourselves “flower people”… We like flowers, but wouldn’t necessarily go out of our way to fully appreciate them or learn all their names. Occasionally we would smell the roses… On day three of our walk though, we had flowers thrust into our faces. We had been noticing pink flowers, yellow flowers, blue flowers, and white, but as we climbed higher we noticed that the shapes changed, and that there were a multitude of variations. We started spotting new varieties almost every step. Every few hundred meters we climbed we found a new colour, type, shape… We began shouting out about our discoveries… “Have you seen the dark electric blue one?”, “Yeah, yeah it’s cool, what about this one that starts as a black bud and becomes neon pink?!”, “Massive buttercup! Biggest buttercup I have ever seen!”, “My favourite is these sky blue, tiny flowers. Why won’t the camera focus on them!?”, or as it became.. “New purple one here” “New white one”…

Here we share a couple of photos from our discoveries.

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2 thoughts on “Flowers of the Balkans

  1. Thanks so much for sharing those … flowers and fungi are wonderful to photograph!

    What a beautiful walk … such wonderful memories! 🙂

  2. Hi guys!
    Just taking a walk through your photos. Beautiful. I think the little blue flowers there are ‘Forget-me-nots’…but I can’t see properly in the photo.xx

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