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Nyon Powder on a Sunny Day

Julie lets rip in fresh untracked powder on a glorious sunny powder day up in a Chamossiere bowl (the back of Nyon). This was a very good day. A very good day.

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5 thoughts on “Nyon Powder on a Sunny Day

  1. Great ride Jules the photos are amazing!!! Looks like you guys are shredding like pro’s 🙂

  2. Oh to be able to let it rip like that, such skill Jules (and great pickies incidentally:) ).. pity Sochi Olympics did not have such good snow..

  3. Some tiny prints in the snow!!! Harrison asks if that was the Gruffalo’s child your chasing in Morzine budda mum?

    • Harrison you are so right, Rob and I have spent lots of time chasing the Gruffalo’s child. We are having heaps of fun mountain adventures while we search for him, but we haven’t seen him yet. Something which I really liked looking for when I was a growing up in Australia were Gumnut Babies, have you seen any? Perhaps you could go for a walk in the bush, that is their favourite place to live and hide.

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